FL0 is a startup introducing a new software engineering category called "Dev Acceleration" or "Dev Acceleration as a Service", offering a low-code interface, pre-built components, and a marketplace for third-party tools.
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What is FL0?

"Flow" (pronounced "FL0") is a startup that is leading the way in a new area of software engineering known as "Dev Acceleration" or "Dev Acceleration as a Service" (DAAS). With the aid of their Dev Acceleration technology, back-end engineers can create and implement apps more quickly and simply. It provides pre-built components and a low-code interface that let users drag and drop functionality into their apps. A marketplace of external tools that are readily integrated into programs is another feature of FL0.


Platform: Website, Web app

Pricing Model: Freemium

Pricing: $0 - 7/mo

Active Deal: Coming soon

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