Gondolin, an AI productivity tool, uses GPT-4 technology to analyze user behavior and block distracting websites, ensuring a distraction-free browsing experience across all platforms.
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What is Gondolin?

Having trouble staying focused when working online? An AI-powered productivity tool called Gondolin can assist. Gondolin uses GPT-4 technology to evaluate your behavior and determine what task you are currently working on. Then, to help you stay completely focused on the task at hand, it automatically blocks distracting websites and apps to customize your browsing experience. Regardless of the platform you prefer, Gondolin's magic works in all of your browsers to create a constant, distraction-free atmosphere.

Gondolin lets you contribute information about the work you're working on to help it tailor the browsing experience to your needs and make your focus trip even more personalized.


Platform: Website, Web app, Chrome extension

Pricing Model: Freemium

Pricing: $0 - 9.99/mo

Active Deal: Coming soon

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