Vanna AI

Vanna AI is an AI SQL co-pilot that simplifies data interpretation and query execution, adapting to complex datasets and elaborate queries, and integrating seamlessly into workflows.
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Vanna AI

What is Vanna AI?

Are you having trouble interpreting your data and are drowning in sophisticated SQL queries? As your very own "AI SQL co-pilot," Vanna AI enables data workers to communicate with databases in ways never possible. Don't bother creating complicated code; just ask your questions in simple terms, and Vanna will translate them into precise SQL queries.

Limitations due to complex datasets or elaborate queries should not concern you. Vanna adjusts to your specific data structures, completing even the trickiest jobs with remarkable precision. Are you in the mood for adventure? Because Vanna is open-source, you can investigate its internal workings and tailor it to your own requirements. Allow it to be easily integrated into your current workflow by integrating it with different databases and frontends.

Vanna AI

Platform: Website, Web app

Pricing Model: Freemium

Pricing: $0 - 0.59/Query / If self hosted its Free

Active Deal: Coming soon

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