Textomap 2.0

Textomap 2.0 revolutionizes data storytelling by effortlessly converting text into interactive maps, offering seamless in-tab navigation and integration with ChatGPT for enhanced intelligence.
Textomap 2.0 image
Textomap 2.0

What is Textomap 2.0?

Textomap 2.0 is an ai tool that transforms data storytelling by turning text into interactive maps. It provides seamless in-tab navigation, ChatGPT integration, and quick map production. It helps with research, analysis, content creation, and education. For example, it helps journalists tell stories more effectively, educators illustrate historical events, and data analysts uncover patterns.

Textomap 2.0

Platform: Website, Web app, Chrome extension

Pricing Model: Freemium

Pricing: $0 - 14/mo

Active Deal: Coming soon

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