Shipixen streamlines website creation by generating pre-existing code structures, allowing customization with branding, and providing pre-built elements for landing and price pages, saving development time with the power of ai.
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What is Shipixen?

Shipixen allows you to build upon pre-existing, customized code structures, which speeds the process of creating websites, blogs, and products with the power of ai. Shipixen saves you important development time by generating the base code for your project based on your specifications, sparing you from having to start from scratch. The produced code can then be customized with your own branding components, such as logos and themes, to guarantee a unified visual identity. Furthermore, Shipixen provides pre-built elements for landing pages and price pages, so you can integrate these ready-made features into your project and speed up development even more.


Platform: Website, Web app, Chrome extension

Pricing Model: Paid, license model

Pricing: $0 - 259/Year

Active Deal: Coming soon

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