BrowserBurn - Roast Your Browsing Habits

BrowserBurn is an AI-powered browser extension that adds humor to browsing by analyzing user activity and replacing new tab pages with lighthearted insults.
BrowserBurn - Roast Your Browsing Habits image
BrowserBurn - Roast Your Browsing Habits

What is BrowserBurn - Roast Your Browsing Habits?

BrowserBurn is a browser extension that injects some humor into your browsing experience by "roasting" you based on your recent internet activity. It replaces your new tab page with a witty and (hopefully) lighthearted insult specifically tailored to your browsing habits, analyzed using their AI technology.

BrowserBurn - Roast Your Browsing Habits

Platform: Website, Web app, Chrome extension

Pricing Model: Free

Pricing: $0

Active Deal: Coming soon

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