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The constantly changing IT world demands that support procedures be improved and adjusted on a regular basis. IT support professionals handle a wide range of responsibilities, such as handling an increasing volume of customer inquiries and troubleshooting complicated problems. Thankfully, the development of artificial intelligence (AI) has led to the development of cutting-edge solutions that empower and optimize these procedures.

Let's examine the features, benefits, and drawbacks of some of the top AI solutions for IT support professionals:

ServiceDesk Plus

An all-inclusive IT service management (ITSM) platform incorporating AI features is ManageEngine's ServiceDesk Plus. It frees up experts to work on more complex issues by automating repetitive operations, streamlining ticket routing, and proactively identifying possible problems.

ServiceDesk Plus



AI-powered ticketing ensures quicker resolution times by classifying, prioritizing, and routing issues based on keywords and past data.

IT asset tracking, maintenance demand forecasting, and asset lifecycle management job automation are all features of intelligent asset management.

By enabling users to locate solutions through knowledge base articles and frequently asked questions, a self-service portal lessens the workload for support personnel.


simplifies the provision of services by using automation

optimizes first-call resolution rates through sophisticated diagnostics

provides a single platform for handling all requests for IT services.


Pricing can be intricate, with various tiers meeting various needs.

Possibly requiring some preliminary setting and setup.

Pricing: The Standard plan starts at $8 per agent each month, while the Enterprise and Enterprise Plus plans provide more expensive advanced features.


Another well-liked ITSM tool, Freshservice, uses AI to streamline processes, customize user interfaces, and bolster IT support staff. It has an easy-to-use interface and works well with a number of third-party programs.




Automating repetitive processes like ticket routing and password resets with AI boosts productivity and decreases workload.

Smart assistant: Offers support specialists real-time direction by recommending pertinent articles and solutions from the knowledge base.

Sentiment analysis examines client interactions to spot any problems before they get worse and to take proactive measures to resolve them.


provides small teams with a freemium plan.

incredibly flexible and equipped with a multitude of integrations

gives real-time statistics and insights to improve assistance procedures.


For advanced features, more training could be necessary.

There are issues with scalability for larger enterprises, according to certain users.

Pricing: The Growth plan is the most affordable paid plan, starting at $19 per agent each month. Higher tiers provide more features and support. A free plan is offered for up to three agents.


Rasa is an absolutely free and open-source chat bot creation platform. While it does require some technical know-how to set up, IT support specialists may use it to build custom chatbots that can respond to customer inquiries, handle simple problems, and even refer more complicated issues to human agents.




Conversational AI: Makes it possible to build chatbots that converse meaningfully with users and comprehend natural language.

Customization: Enables responses and features of the chatbot to be adapted to certain requirements and use cases.

Integration with several channels: Chatbots can be used on messaging apps, websites, and other channels of communication.


Extremely flexible and adjustable to certain needs

Platforms that are open-source lower license fees.

provides a strong tool for creating intelligent chatbots.


needs technical know-how to set up and maintain.

Not recommended for companies without internal development resources.

The chatbot must receive ongoing training and development in order to stay current.


Using artificial intelligence (AI), Atera is a remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform that offers real-time insights into the health of IT infrastructure. Through the automation of patch management, anomaly detection, and remote access features, it enables IT support professionals to proactively handle possible problems before they cause disruptions to operations.




Anomaly detection driven by AI finds anomalous system behavior and possible issues, allowing for proactive actions.

Automated patch management keeps systems safe and up to date by scheduling and deploying security updates on its own.

Remote control and access: Offers safe, remote access to devices so that problems can be identified and fixed from a single, central place.


Early problem detection reduces interruptions and downtime.

simplifies patch administration while enhancing system safety.

The ability to access remotely improves the effectiveness of troubleshooting.


Possibly more difficult to grasp than some of the other tools on this list.

With a primary focus on RMM features, it might need to be integrated with other tools to provide a complete ITSM solution.

Pricing: The Plus plan has a monthly starting price of $50, while other tiers offer more features and scalability for organizations with larger members.

In summary, AI has enormous potential to change IT support procedures. The aforementioned technologies provide a preview of this fascinating future. IT support professionals may greatly increase productivity, improve user experience, and proactively handle IT issues within their companies by thoughtfully incorporating these AI-powered tools into their processes.

The best AI tool for you will rely on your needs and financial situation. Think about things like the number of employees on your team, how complicated your IT setup is, and how much automation you want. Investigate free samples or demonstrations before committing to a commercial plan, as well.

IT support professionals may become proactive problem solvers instead of reactive troubleshooters by embracing AI, which will help them provide excellent customer service and guarantee the seamless running of their company's IT infrastructure.

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