B12.io is an AI-powered platform for professionals, enabling easy online presence management and streamlining business operations. It offers tailored website drafts, expert designers, and integrated scheduling, invoicing, and email marketing.
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What is B12.io?

B12.io is your one-stop shop for busy professionals like consultants, freelancers, and agencies. This AI-powered platform helps you effortlessly build and manage your online presence while streamlining critical business operations. Its magic lies in AI-generated website drafts tailored to your industry, saving you precious time. And if customization is your jam, don't sweat it!

Expert designers and copywriters are at your beck and call. But B12.io doesn't stop there. Think scheduling, invoicing, and email marketing โ€“ all seamlessly integrated within your website. Manage client interactions, generate marketing emails, and send contracts with e-signatures โ€“ all from a single, organized dashboard. Say goodbye to juggling multiple tools and hello to a unified system that boosts your efficiency and professionalism.

With flexible pricing plans and cloud-based accessibility, B12.io empowers you to focus on what you do best, leaving the rest to its AI prowess. Ready to transform your business?


Platform: Website, Web app

Pricing Model: Paid, Free trial

Pricing: $49 - 399/mo

Active Deal: Coming soon

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