AppFlowy: open-source Ai powered Notion alternative

AppFlowy, an ai-powered open-source Notion alternative with a privacy focus, offers control, transparency, self-hosting, and customizable workstations for security, data, and individual needs.
AppFlowy: open-source Ai powered Notion alternative image
AppFlowy: open-source Ai powered Notion alternative

What is AppFlowy: open-source Ai powered Notion alternative?

AppFlowy: An ai-powered Notion Alternative with a Privacy Focus
Searching for a strong workplace where your data is given priority? Introducing AppFlowy, an open-source substitute for Notion that is gaining popularity quickly. AppFlowy, in contrast to its closed-source equivalent, gives you total control and transparency, enabling you to self-host your data or use their cloud option for a smooth setup.

But AppFlowy is more than just a privacy tool. Because of its modular design, you can customize your workstation to meet your specific requirements. AppFlowy meets your needs whether you're a security-conscious company, a data-conscious individual, or just someone who wants a highly configurable platform.


Platform: App, desktop, IOS, Android, Windows, MacOS

Pricing Model: Free

Pricing: $0

Active Deal: Coming soon

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