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Today's Top Headlines - 2023-05-02

Scientists Use GPT AI to Passively Read People’s Thoughts in Breakthrough
An AI model similar to ChatGPT was combined with fMRI readings to non-invasively decode continuous language from subjects, a new study reports.
Samsung bans use of A.I. like ChatGPT for employees after misuse of the chatbot
Samsung confirmed on Tuesday that it is temporarily restricting the use of generative AI products, such as ChatGPT, through the company’s personal computers.
Artificial Intelligence Is Already Causing Disruption And Job Losses At IBM And Chegg
We are seeing the effects of disruptive technology. Chegg, an educational company, and IBM have both announced that AI will cause a change within their respective organizations.
One-pilot planes are a possibility as aviation embraces A.I., Emirates president says
One-pilot planes could be on the horizon thanks to rapid developments in artificial intelligence, Emirates President Tim Clark told CNBC.
AI ‘godfather’ Geoffrey Hinton warns of dangers as he quits Google
Artificial intelligence pioneer Geoffrey Hinton quits Google, saying he now regrets his work.

Today's Top Headlines - 2023-05-01

Workers are secretly using ChatGPT, AI and it will pose big risks for tech leaders
Generative AI is seeping into the workplace, whether companies approve of its use or not, and cybersecurity caution is needed with these breakthrough chatbots.
AI platform to analyze creative advertising raises $5.1M from investors, including a16z
In this increasingly AI-driven era, creative and media teams will probably need to employ the technology to up their game on analyzing their creative assets and A/B testing — or someone else will simply beat them to the punch. Alison is a startup out of Israel that analyzes creative work, such as ty…
New artificial intelligence tool can accurately identify cancer
Exclusive: algorithm performs more efficiently and effectively than current methods, according to a study

Today's Top Headlines - 2023-04-28

Walmart is using AI to negotiate prices with suppliers, report says — and the suppliers are loving it
If youre a Walmart supplier, you may not be hammering out deals with a human employee of the retail giant
AI to help hoteliers operate more efficiently
Chatbots, price optimization, room security among ways the technology helping sector
Amazon is spending less on warehouses — and more on AI and its cloud business
Amazon is doubling down on investing in artificial intelligence as it spends less on warehouses and other parts of its logistics infrastructure that grew sharply in the wake of the pandemic
Chinese Behemoth Huawei is Also Entering the AI Chatbot Race
Huawei’s own AI chatbot is called NetGPT. Huawei has applied to China’s trademark and patent office to register the “Huawei NetGPT” trademark.
The Amazing Ways Duolingo Is Using AI And GPT-4
Duolingo introduces GPT-4 on its language learning platform with AI used for personalized learning, automated feedback, and English testing. GPT-4 powered features provide a personalized and immersive experience.
Intel results reveal a push to address AI shortcomings | Computer Weekly
The chipmaker has been impacted by poor PC sales but aims to drive adoption of its AI inferencing technology
China AI Foundation Model and Autonomous Driving Intelligent Computing Center Research Report 2023: AI Foundation Models can Break the Accuracy Limitations of Existing Model Structures -
NSA Cybersecurity Director Says ‘Buckle Up’ for Generative AI
The security issues raised by ChatGPT and similar tech are just beginning to emerge, but Rob Joyce says it’s time to prepare for what comes next.

Today's Top Headlines - 2023-04-27

You Can Now Use AI to Summarize the News You Read
If you’re short on time, you can read a news brief written by AI.
Subscribe to read | Financial Times
News, analysis and comment from the Financial Times, the worldʼs leading global business publication
Unveiling the Hidden Biases in Medical AI: Paving the Way for Fairer and More Accurate Imaging Diagnoses - Neuroscience News
Researchers identified 29 sources of potential bias in artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) models used in medical imaging, ranging from data collection to model deployment. The report provides insights into the limitations of AI/ML in medical imaging and suggests possible ways for t…
Grimes invites people to use her voice in AI songs
Canadian singer says she likes the ideas of ‘killing copyright’, as music industry scrambles to catch up with implications of AI-generated tracks
Kenya to host Artificial Intelligence Summit on April 27
The summit will help industry leaders to explore the growth of AI technology
Mark Zuckerberg says Meta wants to “introduce AI agents to billions of people”
Get ready for ChatGPT competition in Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.
TikTok may have generative AI avatars soon | Engadget
TikTok may soon let you create AI stylized avatars not unlike what you can with deep learning apps like Midjourney or Lensa…
UK pledges nearly $125M to create ‘safe AI’ taskforce
Local officials anticipate the initial pilots of AI usage and integration to be in the public services sector and are expected launch in the following six months.

Today's Top Headlines - 2023-04-24

ChatGPT Can Help Doctors—and Hurt Patients
The chatbot is tempting physicians with its ability to spout medical information, but researchers warn against trusting AI with tough ethical decisions.

Petey AI for iPhone and Apple Watch gets Apple Music integration, new app icons, more
Earlier this month Petey AI which offers GPT smarts for Apple Watch made the jump to iPhone along with Live…

Today's Top Headlines - 2023-04-13

Elon Musk secretly working on AI project with DeepMind researchers
Twitter boss also buys 10,000 GPUs to provide computational power
‘ChatGPT-like personal AI’ can now be run locally, Musk warns ‘singularity is near’
A guide has been published on how to install and run a locally available ChatGPT-like personal AI as Tesla CEO Elon Musk warns that a technological singularity is near.
Record Label UMG Begs Spotify and Apple Music to Stop AI Scraping
Universal Music Group, one of the largest labels in the music industry, is growing increasingly worried about artificial intelligence ripping off its artists. According to a recent report, UMG has asked streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music to limit AI’s access to music on different platfo…
OpenAI looks beyond diffusion with ‘consistency’-based image generator
OpenAI may have a successor to today’s image generators with “consistency models,” which trade quality for speed but have room to grow.

Today's Top Headlines - 2023-04-12

Elon Musk reportedly bought thousands of GPUs for a Twitter AI project | Engadget
Twitter is reportedly moving forward with an in-house artificial intelligence project after buying 10,000 data center-grade GPUs…
Developer creates “self-healing” programs that fix themselves thanks to AI
“Wolverine” experiment can fix Python bugs on the fly and re-run the code.
Elon Musk setting up AI project at Twitter, report claims | Digital Trends
Elon Musk is reportedly embarking on his own artificial-intelligence project within Twitter, though it’s not currently clear how he might deploy the technology.


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